I’ve been into Kollektiv Turmstrasse for a long time now – I’ve always been really impressed by their ability to make techno that swings, that pumps, but that still has the guts to take you away from the dancefloor altogether.  Take the tear-jerking strings of Tristesse, or the clarinet solo(!) in Freiflug, for example, which lever in an emotional payload that many producers wouldn’t dare touch.  They’ve just released their 2nd album, Rebellion der Traeumer, and have taken a slight step away from the techno sound, featuring more in the way of interesting beats; there are even subtle dubstep and future garage influences in there – it’s sounding really good from what I’ve heard so far.  They’ve set up a website for the album, and are going to use that to release a series of videos.  The first one’s out now, and features a hot girl too.  Not that I would be influenced by such shallow concerns, of course.  Explore the website here: