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Dj madd beats

We’re up to number 20 in our mix series, and this one is brought to you by the fast-rising talent that is DJ Madd.  A native of Hungary, he took flight last year and moved to Bristol to live the dubstep dream – and it seems to be working out, as since then he’s had releases on Boka and Subway amongst (many) others, including a collaboration with Von D.  Here he brings us an overview of his varied selection and a whole host of tasty looking dubs.  Biggups to Madd for this one!  Don’t forget to check his myspace for more beats, booking info and all the rest of it.



Please introduce yourself – who are you and what do you do?


My name is Peter, I’ve been making tunes as DJ Madd for a couple of years now.  I was born and raised in Budapest / Hungary, and recently moved to Bristol to push the music and to have a bit of fun.



What were you trying to do with this mix?  Is it what you’d play in a club?


To tell the truth, I been trying to make a mix for months now, it was crazy! When you make a mix you probably plan a flow and a vibe to go with, but since I’ve been moving back and forth in styles it always sounded like a mess to me. It’s hard to mix the synthy stuff with the deeper beats, then some more broken drums into something techy… but I realized thats what I do, so thats what I should represent.  Luckily dubstep is still at the point where you can mix it all up – so I’d better enjoy it while it lasts! I’m thinking about starting a mix series for the dubby / reggae vibes cause that’s where I feel a bit of an emptyness at the moment.


In the clubs I have the same problem – all these different vibes to go with and in the end I want to play them all!  It’s tricky and of course it depends on the crowd as well, but I probably played most of these tunes out at some point. I’m not the guy to stare at a bored crowd for an hour, I try to mix the deep things up with more dancefloor tunes.  There are loads of artists out there with a solid vibe like Emalkay or The Others – I could always pick something from  them to drop!



You recently moved to Bristol from Budapest.  Why did you want to move over – and why Bristol, not Budapest?


Bristol was always a bit of a dream for me, when I played dnb back home I collected the bristol labels releases like crazy. When I decided to move it was obvious where to go, so now I’m here and I love it.



What’s the scene like in Budapest?


Drum & Bass is still going strong and Dubstep is picking up fast! I don’t think we can complain really, theres a dnb night  every weekend and you can probably catch a dubstep event every month.



How have you found it in Bristol – is it as you expected?


It really lives up to its reputation!  Most of my knowledge about Bristol were a few pics from google and the music. Without  sounding too deep, the music is really out there. The streets, parks, graffiti, people – it all translates down to that “bristol sound”  in both dubstep and dnb.  It’s hard to describe really – there’s just something very friendly and family-like about the whole place general.



Who are your influences, musically?


I’m trying to listen to a lot of music out of dnb / dubstep at the moment. Discovering a bit of house / reggae / jazz etc.  At the moment I’m listening to a lot of Major Lazer, Chromeo, ediT and even some pop caught my attention.  I still listen to a lot of Dillinja & Lemon D tunes, they’re something I will probably never get bored of!



It sounds like you’ve been going down a kind of 2-step influenced route lately – is that where your interest lies at the minute?


I would say It’s something I would like to plug every now and then. I don’t think I could make half-steppy beats all the time,  that would bore me to death. If there is a chance I like to have at least one broken-beat on a plate, just like “Flex’d” on  Boka or watch out for “When I First Met U” on Subway Recordings. It’s tricky cause in Hungary the whole garage thing just never happened, so when we first heard it breaks and dnb  were already big!  I think missing the jungle and garage era slowed down a lot of things back home, but It’s definitely catching up.



Are you doing any stuff at different tempos?


Of course! People who make one genre are missing out. I couldn’t imagine myself sticking to just one tempo and sound.  After a long break I just had a dnb tune picked up by Hospital’s sister label Med School for a various album project.   I’m also planning to do some housey vibes and maybe some instrumental hiphop. There is definitely more dnb in the pipeline. Will see how it goes!



What’s your production setup like?  Any plans to upgrade?


At the moment I basically have a laptop and my Behringer Truth speakers. Back home this was topped with an emu soundcard and midi keyboard,  but I didn’t bring those out. I’m already struggling without the keyboard so will probably have to pick one up, but apart from that I’m alright with this for now. I would really like to get my hands on some synths, thinking about getting something simple like a Microkorg but haven’t decided yet.



Palinka is the best drink in the world. Discuss.


That’s pretty much all there is to say! I bring back a few bottles every now and then but most people are scared to drink it here…



What releases and plans have you got coming up for the future?


I’m working on tunes for Subway Records, Boka and Black Box. These 3 camps have been the most helpful with my music so big ups to them again! :)


My collaboration with Von D (U / It’s Over) was just released on Boka, after that I have these bits lined up for the next few months:


When I First Met U / Got Me Dancing / Babylon (Subway Recordings)
Arpz 3000 (Subway Recordings)
Dub Marine / Running Man w/ Matt-U (Black Box Records)
Homeland / Koopa (3.5 Records)
Detroit Skank / Flex’d (Ikonika remix) (Boka Records)
Heavyweight / Funktion 1 / Not Afraid (Lime Dubs)



Stream here, or you can download the mix from the Soundcloud:




Major Lazer – Hold The Line (DJ Madd remix) [Unreleased]
Seven & Elv – Breakdown [dub]
Matt U – Watching U [forthcoming Subway]
Data – Dubzilla [forthcoming Dubzilla]
DJ Madd – Corner Dance [dub]
Mr Lager – Tell Me (Von D mix) [forthcoming Subfreq]
Gemmy – Late Athens [dub]
DJ Madd – Got Me Dancing [forthcoming Subway]
Vista & Wil Blaze – Glo Worm [forthcoming Boka]
501 – Higher Ground [dub]
DJ Madd – Better With You [Boka]
DJ Madd – Swinger [dub]
The Others – Vertigo 909 [dub]
DJ Madd – Not Afraid [forthcoming Lime Dubs]
J:Kenzo – Swarm 95 [dub]
Donaeo – Riot Music (Skreamix) [Digital Soundboy]



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