A very quick intro now to the next Bass Music mix, by Bristol fixtures The Kelly Twins.  I genuinely rate these guys as two of the best DJ’s in Bristol – they have such deep record collections and good selection that you can watch them play in any situation, after any DJ, at any time and they’ll still smack it.  As you’ll see from the mix, which takes you from super deep house to dubstep in one smooth movement.  No mixcloud as they still have a 100MB limit and this is a luxurious 1 hour 50 minutes.  But you can stream and download from the player below.  Tracklist at the bottom.  (Mix artwork by Andy Musgrave)

Tell us a brief bit about who yous are n that, how you got into DJing.

We are the Kelly twins, (our surname is Kelly and we are actual twins), We have been DJing together for the best part of twelve years and pride ourselves on playing across the board, drawing influence from the past as well as the present and only ever playing things that we genuinely like. Since moving to Bristol from Plymouth seven years ago, we have played at a wide variety of nights and held down several residencies. At present we run our own club night which is called UFO, we are part of team Crazylegs, residents for the Bristol wing of RnB mecca So Bones and members of the Idle Hands family.

During the day, i (Sean) can be found behind the counter in the Idle Hands shop and work as a freelance writer for various publications including Trap magazine. My brother (Dan) is Bristol’s most cosmic purveyor of artisan foods and also finds the time to be an amazing dad to his little boy.

Music is more than just a hobby to us, it is something that we have been around since a very young age, our parents weren’t famous musicians and they couldn’t play any musical instruments, but they were both music lovers. Our dad was involved in the rave scene back in the day, so the music, the people and the culture was something that we were very accustomed to and intrigued by, We got our first set of decks at fourteen and gained our first residency when we were just 16, its something that we have been almost obsessively into ever since.
What is the idea behind the mix – and what are your thoughts in general about putting mixes together, do you have an ethos etc.? Anything you hate in mixes?

The mix was recorded to promote the Idle Hands room at the forthcoming Hessle Audio party for Bristol Inmotion. Prior to recording it, we considered the possibility of doing a laptop/ableton mix then realised that we didn’t actually know how to do that. So instead we did what we do best, turn up with a bag of records and wing it. The mix was recorded live and in one take, its starts at 107 bpm and ends on 140 bpm, it is an hour and fifty minutes long and features unreleased material from artists that we respect, including Outboxx, Behling, Hackman, October & Borai, Atki2. It is a true representation of what we do as DJs and reflects exactly where we are at musically.

Society in general is becoming increasingly dehumanised, automated telephone lines, self service checkouts have become the norm. When it comes to mixes, we like to know that an actual person has recorded it, not a machine.

A quick nudge of the record, a mix that wavers slightly, a crackly, dusty old record might be mistakes to some people, but for us, these things add a certain amount charm and some much needed honesty to a mix. As things become more and more digitised and superficial, we feel that this human touch is more important than ever.

You and your bro are known for being tight DJs on the Bristol circuit. Of the many ‘big names’ you’ve played with, who has stood out to you?

We try not to get too sucked into the whole hype thing and tend to take every DJ at face value, regardless of their status. For us its not so much about how ‘big’ the DJ is, it’s more about what they play and how they play it. Some DJs, however are truly worthy of their hype.

Jackmaster always smashes it, as does Ben UFO. Both are technically amazing and know how to work a crowd but more importantly for us they always bring a real varied selection and aren’t afraid to take risks.

A few other artists that have seriously impressed us over the last few years are Funkineven, Actress and Kyle Hall, all three have developed very unique styles of their own, their tunes are instantly recognisable and even as their reputations build they remain uncompromising with what they do. We really respect that.

Some of our favourite DJs to play alongside and some of the DJs that have made us dance the most are local Bristol guys, most of them our friends. Idle Hands bossman Chris Farrell always plays a killer selection as do Kowton, October and EFA. We love hearing music we haven’t heard before, so DJs like Andy Payback, vast & Bulbous and the Falling Up crew always stand out for us because watching them play is an education.

We would much rather be sat in a pub watching those guys play to us and the bar staff, than in a packed club watching that months hype DJ playing tunes we have heard a million times before. We can appreciate why people do like that, it’s just not our thing.

How do you feel about the Bristol scene at the moment – healthy? In a state of flux as dubstep waxes and wanes?

Coming from Plymouth which doesn’t really have a music scene, we are still very much excited by Bristol. It’s positivity and diversity is something that we continue to be very appreciative of. So for us the Bristol scene has always been healthy.

It has changed a lot since we have been here, in our opinion for the better. Clubbers are more open to a wider variety of sounds now. There are dubstep DJs playing house, disco and boogie and house DJs playing garage ect. The boundaries between genres are becoming increasingly blurred, for eclectic DJs such as ourselves these are interesting and exciting times.

Wrongspeed. Talk to me.

Wrongspeed originally came about through a combination of mistakes and getting massively blazed. The idea is to literally play the record at the wrong speed. When things are pitched down and stretched out, there is more space in the tune so every sound is exposed. For a record to sound good on 33 when it should be 45 and visa versa, the tune itself must be exceptionally produced.

The way in which certain tracks when pitched up or down, can take on a completely different vibe and atmosphere is fascinating to us and it’s something we have been working into our sets more and more. The next time anyone buys a record, we urge them to give it a go. The results might surprise you.

How long would it take you to eat a yard of Jaffa cakes?

My housemate bought me a yard of Jaffa cakes the other day (Thanks Shanti), it has taken me about 5 days to finish them. Although if there was money on the table, i reckon i could polish them off in an hour.
What is your favourite example of Farrellian Rage? Is the Farrellian Rage an occupational hazard of working in Idle Hands, and how do you deal with it – the tortoise-like neck-retraction? Or a cunning bit of filing…

Chris is my boss but also a friend who i have known for many years. I have had some pretty shady jobs and as bosses go, he is definitely one of the best. But like all of us, he can have his stressed out moments. I find the best thing to do when Chris is in a rage is to put some reggae on and buy him a can of rubicon, half an hour later and everything will be sweet.

My favourite example of Farrellian rage did not involve any shouting or swearing, in fact Chris didn’t say a word.

It’s monday morning, we are both feeling slightly fragile after the weekends activities when a tie dye wearing trustafarian takes up residence on the wall opposite the shop and starts self indulgently banging away on his bongo with absolutely no sense of rhythm. Chris emerges from the office and stands in the entrance of the shop, he stares directly into the bongo players eyes and shoots him a look of utter contempt. Within about two minutes, the playing stopped and the guy left, never to be seen again. Chris’s eyes at that moment said more than a thousand words ever could.

What is biscuit face? Also when are you going to ride that bike you bought off a crackhead?

Biscuit Face is an old friend and an integral part of the UFO crew. He doesn’t come out that often because his face is literally a giant biscuit, his eyes are exclamation marks and he eats CDs for breakfast. Sometimes he can get a bit crumbly around groups of people and overcompensates by being obnoxious and leaving small pieces of himself on their bedsheets. He is a liability, but we love him..

I try not to feel too bad about buying the bike from a crackhead, i managed to get a proper bargain but didn’t quite give him enough to buy any drugs with. Im waiting until i have some stabilisers and a basket for the front until i start riding it. Probably best to give it a new paint job too.
Shout outs, disses, ways for shorty’s to contact you?

Massive thanks to all the producers that were kind enough to contribute tracks for the mix, to Idle Hands for keeping vinyl alive in Bristol and for taking things back to the raw, to the DJs that inspire us and to our friends and family for their continued and unconditional support. Too many names to mention, but you all know who you are.

For bookings: http://www.idlehandsagency.com/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/thekellytwins
RA: http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/thekellytwins
FB: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Kelly-Twins/128435010579167?sk=info

OUTBOXX – APORIA // Forthcoming Idle Hands
ERYKAH BADU – HONEY (Souled Remix) // Unreleased
NAIVE MACHINE – AFRIKA (Om Unit remix) // Hit and Hope Records
DOMU – DUSK // Swedish Brandy
MOVE D – UNTITLED // Workshop
RICK ‘POPPA’ HOWARD – WITHOUT YOUR LOVE // Beautiful Granville Records
OMAR S – SET IT OFF // FXHE Recordings
JOHN BELTRAN – BRILLIANT FLOOD (Kassem Mosse & Mix Mup remix) // Delsin Records
ATKI 2 – FOOTPRINTS // Unreleased
STEVEN TANG – BASS SYNERGY // Emphasis Recordings
HEAD HIGH – HEAD HIGH // Power House
SURGEON – WIRE // Downwards
AND – HYDROTHERMAL // Forthcoming Idle hands
S-X – WOO RIDDIM // Butterz
KAHN – TEHRAN // Forthcoming Punch Drunk