Yes!   Here are the remix parts to four of the tracks from the Bass Music Sessions album.  Feel free to download, chop, hack, pass around, and do whatever you see fit.  The only conditions are, that if you finish anything with them, you have to send it to us!  The best will be released through our bandcamp site, as a remixes EP, and promoted accordingly.  As with all of this project, the profits will go to Dove House Hospice in Hull, but as usual money isn’t really the issue.  Just have fun with them, enjoy mucking around with some decent samples, and see what you can come up with.
We’ve tried to have a span of styles here – house, dubstep and DnB.  Before anyone asks, we are unfortunately not able to give away the parts to ‘Hush Up Riddim’ – the nuts and bolts of that track were sadly lost in the great Dell Hard Drive crash of 2009.  Have a look at the Tongue Riddim Remixes post to get an idea of what we look for in a mix – but that said, don’t write for us, write what you feel!
The deadline, if you’d like to send anything in, is April 30.
If you’d like the originals and don’t yet have them, you can grab the whole album for free or for a donation at our bandcamp page: