Brilliant DJ. This is a pretty firing 50 minutes of club tracks. Of particular interest might be the inclusion of some of the new so-called ‘jackin’ stuff which dominates the middle of the mix. Kind of bassline-influenced, hype-driven, often-northern 4/4 music with big silly basslines and cheap hip hop breakdowns. Marcus Nasty has been adopting it as a mainstay of his sets recently. I like the thickly-accented MCing on the Ill Phil tune, it seems to give the sound a bit more identity, as this jackin’ stuff can, at times, stray a bit too far to the cheap and nasty side for my liking, without enough individuality to make it enjoyable. Some of it’s incredibly fun, and it’s well worth checking out. Huge fan of the DJ Naughty track on here too, not heard enough from him lately. Always interesting seeing what the best UK Funky producers are up to now that their sound has shifted out of the limelight. Speaking of which, where are Fuzzy Logik?

For the tracklisting, follow this link to the Crazylegs website.

In a timely move, Brackles has just re-uploaded a great remix of MSTRKRFT that came out back in ’09 – I used to hammer this tune: