I haven’t been round these parts for a while, I do apologise.Though like a resilient dog poking his nose up through the rubble of a devastating city centre earthquake, I return, and like that resilient dog I too have a battered newspaper in my mouth which carries the news of what club nights are going down in the Welsh capital of Cardiff this weekend.

City Bass are up on Saturday with their first proper party of 2013 after the excellent friends and family type affair they threw over at Aura a few weeks back.
They’ve got Freerotation resident Jane Fitz with support from Shaun Tennant and Kerry Patterson, throwers of acer than ace Bristol party Dirtytalk.Sion Prys Davies completes the bill.


I have been told countless times how good a DJ Jane Fitz is, several friends have mentioned her set at Freerotation last year as the highlight and with the tag ”a DJs DJ” being bandied round so freely these days, I get the impression Fitz is someone who truly justifies such profile.

I’m already very familiar with the excellent Louche podcast, and im halfway through the brilliant-so-far Fabric Promo mix, find links for both on the event page below.

Going to have a good read of the interview that accompanies the aformentioned Fabric mix in a sec too, just from a quick scan I get the impression that Fitz is someone who seems incredibly positive about the nature of her craft, something that I’ve found in other DJs that really shines through once behind the decks. The quote the City Bass boys have chose to use in their write up is:

‘I play music, I write about music,I make music, I make parties with music…’


The drop at 33min of the Fabric mix just led to me shouting ”This is a banger” whilst turning it up full blast. Spilt my green tea over todays Guardian too, take from that what you will.

City Bass

JANE FITZ (Night Moves // Freerotation)
Kerry Patterson (Dirtytalk)
Shaun Tennant (Dirtytalk)
Sion Prys Davies


5 tickets available on RA (includes free shot on arrival)

£6 on the door before 12

Event Page

Right then, also on Saturday, we see Obey bringing the young wonderkid Happa to Cardiff for the first time. Always think of Wonderbras when I see the term ”Wonderkid” written anywhere, and with ”Brah” being used a hell of alot in Cardiff, what if….

Anyway, where was I, oh yeah, Obey are bringing the young wonder-brah Happa to Cardiff this Saturday, with support coming from Local Talk’s Timmy P and a host of homegrown talent including Jake Mercanglou, City Bass bossman Chris Thomas, and the ever reliable Obey residents.


I dont know as much as I should about Happa’s music, but what I have heard is impressive stuff, regardless of how old he is. If someone who knows their bananas as well as Four Tet does champions someone, more than likely you’re gonna be dealing with one hell of a Carmita.

”The Beat Of The Drum” is my favourite bit of his that I’ve heard so far. If I didnt know any better, I’d say it was an old Swag tune from the Drum Hydraulics era, a straight up tech house banger. (At least, thats how I hear it) Check the event page posted below for more links to his and Timmy P’s stuff.


So given the current climate in tastes, you can imagine that this is a very,very hype party, and from what I can gather, most, if not all by now, advance tickets have now gone – so you’re going to have to get down to Aura pretty early on Saturday if you want a chance to get in. This is will be a ram out, no doubt. Aura’s cool aswell, only made my first trip there last month, and i think its a great addition to Cardiff, especially with that late finish.


HAPPA (R&S//Church//Text//2ndDrop)
TIMMY P (Local Talk//Extended Play//Tomorrow Is Now Kid)
Jake Mercanglou (Supercell Live)
Chris Thomas (Cit
y Bass)
Dirty Chin

Aura Nightclub, Mill Lane

£7 Tickets

Event Page