What will the future look like?  Will it involve men in motorbike gear shooting at giant spaceships in a weird perspective, with the Bank Of China HQ in the background?  Call me an old fuddy-duddy but I certainly hope so.  So long as there are some fit alien women from space thrown in the mix too.
ANYWAY the reason I ask, and post that particular picture, is because the netlabel Peppermill Records are running a project at the moment, which is going to involve a bunch of themed tunes and artwork – it’s called 2999, and the idea is to imagine what bass music will sound like in 989 years time.  Each tune will have artwork specially done for it, by noted sci-fi artists, and they’ll all be given away for free.
The added interest comes from the fact that they’re looking for one more producer, and have opened it up to the floor.  Write some forward-thinking, futuristic bass music, send it over (to them, not me) , and you could be added to the roster. Which I’ve seen, incidentally, and it’s seriously impressive.  They want me to keep it under wraps for now, but I’ll go so far as to say it involves me, and several other producers who are somewhat bigger than I am.
Anyway, check it all out here:  http://www.peppermillrecords.com/2999_competition