I’m gonna keep this one short.
Basically, nothing has happened this week.   I have been busy blogging and writing music (did some great stuff though.  You’d really love it) and moving into the new studio and stuff, and after saying  last week that I was going to hunt around for some free music archive places, totally didn’t.  Anyway, here’s the graph:
up, nothing really doing there.  What’s quite interesting though, is the effect on ‘back catalogue’.  You might have noticed on the label page that there’s another release visible – Unbalanced Jack’s ‘Puff Puff Give’ EP.  It’s a 3-track EP that we gave away through the blog back in November, I think.  At the time, we didn’t have the bandcamp page, we just had the Soundcloud account.  So, we put it up there, it managed a few hundred downloads.  Fairly respectable, didn’t set the world on fire.  It’s a good EP though, and when I was setting up the bandcamp page I decided to make it the first release, so I could have something to upload, play around with, see how the whole thing worked and so on.
I didn’t promote it, and I didn’t really tell anyone it was there.  Since our album was released on this page though, the Unbalanced Jack EP has done 235 full downloads – which is pretty tidy, considering it had already been available for several months and didn’t receive any more press.  So this was just from the attention gained by our album.  Interestingly though, although it’s available for a donation, it has only attracted 3 donations.  Wonder why the ratios are so different?
Anyway, the remixes from our remix parts giveaway will be made available in the not too distant future, and from there we have a couple more releases lined up by other artists, so we’ll be able to futher explore what is or isn’t useful to artists these days.
Just in case you’re interested; the stats from the last week:
Full album downloads:  86 (oh dear)
Total donations:  £24.25
Page views:  1029
Track listens:  1696
That’s all for this week.  Toodles!