We haven’t had a post on this in a while, for various reasons – but mainly because we’ve been pretty busy.  That also accounted for the time it took to get the remixes up, which is what I’m going to discuss here.  In case anyone is unfamiliar with the project though, me & Baobinga released an album in March, and decided to do everything ourselves, and then give it away for a donation to charity, and chat about the results.  Use the player above to preview the tracks (click ‘download’ to go to the label page) and you can read the diary entries with the links above.
So, our plan was that once the album had been out for a while, we would release the remix parts to 4 of the tracks from it, for people to have a play around with, and if anything good came up, feature it on here.  It’s something we had tried back in January when we gave away the parts to our track Tongue Riddim (grab them here if you missed them).  The response was spectacular; we used up sendspace and mediafire accounts trying to keep up with demand, people set up torrents, and the remixes came in thick and fast.  There were so many, and of such a high standard, that we ended up featuring five and singling out another three for special praise (still available here).
This, then, seemed like a pretty sensible way to go.  Especially since this time, we figured we’d release the parts to several of the tunes, all at different tempos, which might get a lot of different heads interested, with beats from 122 to 174BPM, house to dubstep to DnB.  We hoped that would attract even more attention than the first time.  So it was with some small bemusement that we noticed that it didn’t really get as much hype as the first giveaway, the blog post got significantly fewer hits, and we were sent loads fewer tracks.  Which is not, of course, to denigrate the ones that we did get sent; I’ll recap our favourites below.   But we were surprised.
What were the reasons for this particular giveaway being less successful?  It was two months after the first one, and nearly 4 weeks after the release of the album; perhaps people were getting a bit sick of seeing our promotional efforts everywhere?  Seems unlikely, I’d have thought, but possible.  What seems more likely (to me, anyway) is that it was more a case of it being the same game as before – we’d already done one sample giveaway, so by this time the novelty was gone.
Still though, this is perhaps a negative slant on what was actually a fairly successful attempt to get some publicity; the post where we gave away the samples attracted more than double the number of views (4900ish) compared to another blog post from the same day (about 2100 – whereas the first remix parts blog post was something like 7500 IIRC); the remix parts have been downloaded, between them, almost 2000 times, so I think overall it was a useful thing to do.
We’ll be wrapping up this project relatively soon, so if you’ve been enjoying the album and still wish to donate (all proceeds go to Dove House Hospice in Hull) please do so in the next week or so.  Thanks to everyone who has downloaded so far.