I.D. & Baobinga – Bass Music Sessions
Here’s a short minimix featuring 4 tracks from the album – please feel free to embed, share, link to, etc etc!
So, week three of this diary then.  The promotion has started in earnest, release date is March 1st, and for me, this is the hardest part, I think.  This is due to another problem of doing things yourself – while I talked last time of having built up skills and contacts to help with various aspects of the release, PR and marketing isn’t really a skillset that most artists have.  Again, experience helps – you have an idea of who to send the albums to, and how to do it, and drawing on press releases from past albums and singles I’ve written a press release that is suitably self-aggrandising.
I’ve now sent out the album to roughly 150 DJs, journalists, producers and so on, and we’ve had promising reactions – Bok Bok’s playing one track, Ginz too, Reso, Jus Wan, and plenty of others.  We’ve had lots of play on internet radio and a couple of local FM stations to boot.  I’ve also had indications that we’ll get some form of coverage in a couple of the national UK dance mags – including at least one review, and that’s on top of the news piece we had in KMag recently.  So it’s all looking hopeful, although simply getting a mention in magazine X or on radio show Y doesn’t do much on its own.  I learned this very early – my first single in 2004 got single of the month in several UK magazines, my second single didn’t even get reviewed once.  Guess which sold more?  Yup, the second one.  So really what you need is a groundswell, people hearing about you from lots of different sources, and then with any luck the message will stick.  (Obviously though, if there was a formula there wouldn’t be so many PR companies and marketing agencies out there!)
Another opportunity arose this week when I got the chance to go to a BBC Radio meet & greet in London.  I’d been hit up recently by their press office, again because of this blog, and some weeks later (to my great surprise) they sent over an invite to this event.  For them it was a chance to tell us what their specialist music output was going to be doing over the next few months.  Which, you know, all good, but I missed that part because of the traffic on the motorway.  Anyway, for me it was a great opportunity to meet some producers and put CD’s into their hands, so on Wednesday I spent about 3 hours printing labels, burning CDs and printing off press releases (see pics above).  Met some cool people, Westwood was DJing (I didn’t give him a CD) and there was a free bar.  If I’d known that, I would have got the train (although thinking about it, it was a BBC social do.  Of course there was gonna be free booze).  But yeah – another opening that presented itself as a result of prior work done on the blog.
There are two other aspects of the promotion to consider then.  There’s the blogging strategy, which is going to amount to two parts – firstly, there’s going to be a short promo video – see the gallery above for some work in progress pics!  I still don’t know what it’s going to be like but I’m excited to see the results; he’s obviously putting some proper work in – which will be sent around about a week before the release, and then on the day I’ll do a re-mail out to let people know that they can now get it for free.
Then there’s the ‘word-of-mouth’ aspect, which is arguably more important, I think.  What we really need is for people to be going onto random forums we’ve never heard of, and saying to people ‘hey, check out this great free album’.  So that means there’s going to be a lot of Facebooking, a lot of twittering, and also a lot of emailing friends and family, asking them to pass the link on to anyone they know who might be interested.  So, being annoying and getting favours off everyone we can think of!
So yeah.  Busy week.  Thanks to Fidz for the lift down to London!