I.D. & Baobinga – Bass Music Sessions, March 1st on http://label.bassmusicblog.com

Above you can see a still from the video to accompany the album – it’s almost finished now, and come Monday we’ll get it on Youtube and be embedding it anywhere and everywhere to try and drum up some more publicity.  It’s got all the details of the album and where to get it from, so hopefully people will take notice.
It’s been another week of learning  about promoting your stuff, what works, what doesn’t.  I spent most of last weekend building up a database of blogs, getting their email addresses from the contact pages and all that sort of thing.  Took forever.  I’ve got a lot of blogs on there now, although I’m sure there are plenty more out there waiting for me to come across them.  So, from there I set about mailing people.  I think it’s important to try and email people individually where possible, and keep some kind of personal connection – it’s usually quite easy to see when someone has just BCC’d a load of addresses, and although (as a blog writer) I wouldn’t disregard an email on this basis, when I can see someone has written an email specifically to me, I’ll kind of feel morally obliged to at least pay some attention to it!
So, I started emailing people, beginning with the people I already knew – whether I knew them in real life, or from having emailed them for whatever reason in the past, link swaps and stuff.  So that brings up a recurring theme in this diary – that I’m kind of building on work already done.  The album’s had a reasonable amount of blogpress as a result, and I’m hopeful for a bit more on Monday; it’s been really encouraging to see how enthusiastic people are, and how willing to support an idea like this.  I’m massively grateful to everyone who’s featured us so far.
It was certainly more useful than getting on forums – in terms of getting plays for our minimix on soundcloud, for example, it really helped.  On the subject of Soundcloud, here’s an interesting tip – see that waveform up there?  With all the comments?  Well, the comments are all embedded with the file, and you can link in them.  Like HatnHoodie blog have done, in the first comment.  So that means, that when I embed the file here in my blog, there’s a link to their blog right up front there.  Clever.  Annoying, but clever.  Oh and, er, thanks for the blog post!  Appreciated!  Haha!
I’ve also set up a facebook event, invited everyone to it, and asked people to invite their friends if they’re feeling it.  Again, I’ve been really impressed by people’s enthusiasm to help out here – between me and Baobinga we managed to invite around 1800 people, and within a few days nearly 4500 had been invited.  I’m quite surprised at the amount of people who’ve declined though – more than double the amount who have accepted!  Are they offended by the idea, or by the fact that I’m bothering them?  Have they not really looked at it, and figured it’s just some stupid party that starts on a weekday morning?  Intriguing.
Other than that stuff, well, I’ve got a handful of promo CD’s left which I’m going to hand out at my gig tonight, I’ve tidied up the label page on bandcamp and I’ve put that little advert on the top right of the page there.
Now getting ready for the launch on Monday, and I’ll carry on this diary for a while afterwards, for people to see how it pans out, how it works.  It occurs to me that the success of this should really not be measured in terms of how many people download it – although that will be a useful guide – but rather, how well it helps us get more gigs, more offers of paid work, more exposure generally, over the next few months or so.  So we’ll keep working it for a while, and we’ll see if it’s actually a useful thing to be doing.  Hope so, it’s a lot of work!