A couple of exciting things to detail this week – we got off to a good start when the new issue of iDJ Mag came out.  Rushing to the newsagents, brushing aside the copies of things like Ultimate Weaves Magazine and Sister 2 Sister, I thumbed through a copy, and what did I see there on the albums review page?  That review up there in the gallery at the top of the post.
So – happy with that?  Well, yes.  I don’t know about you, maybe I’m a raging egotist, but when I see press like this (for my stuff) the first feeling is bitter disappointment that it wasn’t album of the month and featured on the cover, possibly with a couple of newly-invented superlatives in the review, because the ones we currently have don’t do it justice.  You get over it though – usually takes about 10 minutes.  So yes, positive review in internationally distributed print mag – a definite positive, up there next to the Breakage and Bomb The Bass albums.  Will this boost the download figures of the album?  As I mentioned in a former diary, probably not, by itself.  I don’t think people are going to see a 7/10 review and rush to their computers to get it – but on the other hand, this provides a nice validation.  We’re still in a time where people look at free stuff on the internet and see it as being not ‘proper’ in some way – so for iDJ to treat this as a ‘proper’ album, a bit like the Bomb The Bass album only 40% better, well, that’s very satisfying and it’s good to see people taking it seriously.

So then, lets have a look at the graph for downloads.  Anything exciting this week?


In short, no.  Downloads have held steady, tailing off slightly.  Stats-wise, I’ve noticed there’s been a slight change for the worse – whereas I said last week that roughly 10% of people who download the album also donate (I think I overestimated slightly) , I’ve noticed that in the last 7 days, it’s been about 8%, and seems to be on a steady downward curve.
We need something to draw more attention then, I think.  So, what we’re going to do is launch part 2 of the campaign next week.  This is going to be something of a remix competition; we are going to give away all the samples to three or four of the tracks on the album, and let people have their way with them.  The best four will then be packaged up  as part of a release on bandcamp, we’ll promote those around, and we’ll do that as a donation model also.  Again, it’s not really gonna be about money, more hopefully people just having fun and coming up with something interesting, but we think people should be interested in getting some good samples and mucking about with them.
Til next week.