This week, we gave away the remix parts to four of the tracks on the album (see link above).  The idea was originally, that we would give them away on the bandcamp site – that way, anyone who wanted to get them would have to go to the label page, and would see the album, maybe have a listen and download it.  Pretty cool, huh.  Unfortunately, that one didn’t work because as yet bandcamp have no facility for giving away WAV files, or AIFs or even ZIPs.  I emailed them and they’re on the case, but I don’t know when that’s going to be.  So, in the absence of that, we figured the next best thing was probably to put them up on the Soundcloud – at least that way it will drive people to the account and maybe they’ll check the mixes or the free tunes.
So, the parts went up on Wednesday, they’ve been up for nearly 48 hours now, and the account shows they’ve notched up nearly 1000 plays between them in that time.  Not too shabby.  I can also see on the bandcamp page that we’ve started getting some hits from places where we weren’t before – places like  Which is good, that’s what we wanted to happen.  But of course, what we also wanted to happen was that more people would download the album, too.  As with the album launch (but on a smaller scale) I also emailed a lot of blogs and websites to let them know, and we’ve had a few posts about it, some of which are still coming in – so it’s obviously too early to draw any firm conclusions.  But, let’s have a look at the graph anyway.  You’re gonna have to ignore my rather shabby visual arts skills, I’m afraid, but I’ve started to notate the graph for your comfort and safety:


So, you can see that the remix parts giveaway has given us a very small upwards bump, although nothing major.  You can also see there was no immediate effect from the mag review – but then that’s only been on sale for 10 days so far, and will still be in shops for another 2 or 3 weeks, so again, it’s hard to say.  We could say it has perhaps stemmed the decline in downloads?
It raises the question – which I’ll look at in more depth later – how do you ‘work’ something like this?  Once its out, and the initial burst has worn off, what can you do to get more people interested, spread the word beyond the ‘core’ few thousand people who generally follow you, are aware of you, and have now either downloaded the album or at least checked it out?  Remix parts is one idea, we’ll see how that goes, but there’s got to be some more stuff we can do.  Hmm.
One definite positive this week is that Dove House Hospice got in touch with us.  They’ve noticed lots of hits coming to their site from around here, and emailed to say thanks for the exposure.  Which is cool, because we haven’t even sent them any money yet!  So it was a really good feeling to be able to mail back to tell them what we’re up to, and how things are going.  So, a big thanks to all those who have donated so far – we’ve been genuinely surprised and impressed at how much we’ve managed to raise so far.  We’re going to collect until after we release the remixes, and we’ll let you know how it goes in the meantime.