This is the life.  I’m sitting in a cafe in Prague drinking a bevvy – sadly they don’t cost 0.000001p a gallon anymore, they’re about a quid a pop in this here suburb (I’ll be writing to the Telegraph about this catastrophic injustice, mark my words) – the sun is shining, and the wonderful Subeena has just dropped over an exclusive DJ Mix and interview for us at bassmusicblog.
Subeena really started making a name for herself last year with some deep, techno influenced dubstep sounds – not so much on the 2562/minimal kind of tip, more rolling and percussive I’d say.  I was particularly into the track ‘Perception’ which came out on a free release (more on which shortly) – so if you missed it, grab it here.  It’s got a wicked mix of techno, eastern vocals and a heavy, static sub-line.
Anyway, the next time I looked, I saw the track ‘Boksd’ on Subeena’s myspace, and was properly impressed.  It’s kind of electro, in the true sense of the word, with that other-worldly analogue sounding melodic sensibility that one used to find in mid-90s Warp records, and latterly on labels like Border Community et al.  It’s brilliant, and is not the only track like that on the player at the moment.  So I had no choice but to ask for a mix and interview.
So, tell us about this mix.  What do you have for us?
I’ve got a few tracks I’ve been into recently and that I would play out probably at a gig. There’s a few forthcoming / unreleased tracks and some new bits that just came out by for example Milanese, Untold and Bok Bok amongst others.
It seems like you’ve changed your sound a bit recently, moving away from dubstep (and the dancefloor?) and towards a more melodic, electro kind of stuff – reminds me of early Autechre a bit.   What inspired this?
I definitely got away from the only-140 bpm tracks… I do some melodic stuff as well but I’m trying to keep it all quite varied.
I think I my ideas back then were a bit less clear so I had to focus on one “genre” to get used to writing a bit better (both production and creativity-wise). Overall my inspiration is quite random really. Partly I’ve been inspired by music I listened to years ago, but now I might just take inspiration by my friends’ work or by random things I listen to – and my moods.
You’ve lived in Italy and then Berlin, to me those places shout techno.  (But then I was always really into the Naples techno producers anyway).  Did you get much into those scenes?  If not, what musics and parties did you take inspiration from?
Funny… I met a guy from Naples when I lived in Berlin and he would always tell how lots of great producers were from Naples.. I only knew a couple though, unfortunately.
As far as I’m concerned it the places I lived in were “techno” but in a very particular way: I got to know the first club music in Italy for sure when people like Laurent Garnier or Jeff Mills or Highfish came over to Dj but I got stuck quite quickly into free parties shortly after (they used to play some sort of techno there as well but I never seriously got into it).
While living in Berlin I would go to Berghain every now and then, but I was never a massive follower… The parties that influenced me most were probably those “free” ones I used to go earlier, and then lots after I moved to London.
Music-wise I listened to any sort of genre throughout the years, it’s hard to mention them all. They range from cheesy 90’s pop / dance hits to old Warp stuff, random hip hop tracks, some bands…
How is – the newly renamed – Imminent Sound going?
We’ll be stopping that one soon and starting new Imminent labels and productions!
You mentioned a while ago that you were going to be releasing stuff on the label using the creative commons licence.  For those who don’t know, what does this actually mean?  And has it worked out like you hoped?
To start with, I got interested through Dot as she’d been supporting it for quite some time. I personally haven’t registered my music on there yet, but I am still keeping the option open for the future.
Creative Commons allows you to give different types of copyright licences to your work. For example you can allow people to copy / share your work (could be music but it is used for a lot more) but the copyright is still yours… More info here
Finally, what’s the in the pipeline?  Any cool stuff coming up? 
Next thing should be a 12″ coming out on Planet Mu, the A side is a collaboration between Jamie Woon, Om ‘Mas Keith and myself and the B side is a track of mine called “Analyse”.
  1. Milanese – Disclosure (instrumental) – (Planet Mu)
  2. Oliver $ – Ta com medo de mim (feat. Deize Tigrona edit) (Man recordings)
  3. Edu K – Mexe mexe (Man recordings)
  4. Dub frequency – Whoop! (Cheaper thrills)
  5. Stereotyp feat. Edu K, Joyce Muniz – Jece Valadao ( Rob B edit)
  6. Kanji Kinetic – Scientist (unreleased)
  7. F – Phase One (7even recordings)
  8. Gunjack – El Soplo del Diablo (Bracket remix) – (forthcoming Consume)
  9. Untold – Just for you (forthcoming Hotflush)
  10. Dre Skull – I want you (Bok bok remix) – (Mixpak)
  11. Skream – If you know (Tempa)
  12. Kid 606 – Dancehall of the dead (Kanji Kinetic remix) (Tigerbeat6)
  13. Untold – Anaconda (Hessle Audio)
  14. RSD – Forward Youth (Tectonic)
  15. Subeena – Excuse me (unreleased)