Oh gosh!  It’s been a good week on the blog for free music, and since it’s free tune Friday (ahem) we’re chuffed to bring you this exclusive TRG track.  It’s a remix of Al Haca, and it’s a track that was actually done about two years ago, but never released by the label for whatever reason.  Who knows how labels work, really?  Still, the plus side is that we get to give it away here, and for all heads, you know that means it’s in the dark 2-step kind of style that Cosmin was pushing in his early days.  Loving it.   As the man himself says, out to all those discovering dubstep in 09!  If you had been discovering it in 07, this was the kind of thing you might have heard.
So anyway, give this download a blast.
backup link in case that one doesn’t work:  http://www.sendspace.com/file/kjtgbr