Fabric double whammy.  Oh yes.  As you may have noted – it’s all over the interweb at the moment – it’s going to be Fabric’s 10th birthday this month.  Over the weekend of the 16th/17th October, they have put together some of the biggest lineups they’ve ever managed, featuring quite literally a MILLION DJs; with the real plus that from Saturday night, the whole place doesn’t close until Monday morning.  I’d imagine that room 2 at 4am on Monday will be the most hilarious/frightening scene you’ve ever witnessed – worth it just for that, surely.  For more details, check the Fabric site.  It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years – I remember trekking down to London just to see the magical clubbing mecca shortly after it opened.  It might not seem obvious now, with our Funktion Ones and our tastefully designed flyers here in the luxury of 2009, but Fabric was one of a few clubs that helped usher in a new era of dance music clubbing.  Up until the late 90s, if you wanted to hear dance music it was probably going to be in a club that had barely changed since the 1970s, with the sound system (and the toilets) barely updated either (yes Club Phoenix, Manchester, I’m talking to you).  So for a specialist dance music club to open – and to be done well – was really something.  Which is why people like me were making 400-mile round trips to see what it was all about.  If you’ve never paid 10 quid to go raving to some local resident DJs in what is basically a social club, with carpets on the floor, you might not realise how impressive this really was.
So.  We were pretty buzzing about this birthday anyway, when Fabric got in touch and asked if Baobinga might be up for writing a special birthday track, just for this one event.  And he did!  It’s a riotous soca/ghetto-tech affair, laced with cheeky chords and a hammering beat.  Not cool, but great.  If you close your sets with this track, you win.  It’s in the rules.  And we’re giving it away for free!
But!  That’s not all!  We’re also giving away two free guestlists to Fabric on Friday 16th, featuring Simian Mobile Disco, DJ Craze, Rusko, Zinc, the Scratch Perverts, Baobinga and loads of others.
All we want you to do is send us your Fabric top 10s.  Any top 10 – best DJs (or worst mixes!), best nights, best moments, best messy confusion, fittest girls/boys, best hands in the air moments on the stage in room 1.  Email them to us at thebassmusicblog AT gmail DOT com, we’ll post up a selection of the best – a top 10 of top 10s, if you like – and the two funniest, or most interesting, or otherwise great will win the guesties.   Simple.
It doesn’t even have to be 10 really – just give us a good story!