Out to possibly the sharpest dude in Bristol dubstep, Mensah – who today gave away his remix of Joker’s ‘Psychedelic Runway’.  I’ve been into this track for a while, basically because he took it down a completely different flex to the original, and basically making it into a (whisper it) breaks track.  It’s quite interesting now that there’s a whole new generation of crew for whom ‘breaks’ isn’t a dirty word – doesn’t even mean anything really, as far as they’re concerned it’s just rave, or fast dubstep, or whatever.

Anyway, this is a great track, and all the greater for being free.  It’s over on the Fabric blog, along with a 30 minute mix of all his own tunes, ahead of his appearance at Fabric this Friday.  Bristol heads can catch him at Basement 45 on December 15.