I said it before, but that was several days ago, in which kind of timeframe anything can change.  So to repeat, I reckon Mosca is really one of the most exciting new producers around at the moment, especially in this ‘future garage’ type scene.  His tunes are a feast of cool ideas and I’ve got high hopes for his next stuff.  So I’m pleased to see he’s been putting some mixes together too.  Here’s one he’s just done for Polish crew BBQ ahead of his gig there this weekend.  If you should happen to find yourself in Wroclaw this Friday – never been there myself but I’m willing to bet it’s full of distressingly attractive women, if the rest of Poland is anything to go by – then that’s gonna be the place to be.
Anyway, back on track, this mix is full of wicked tunes and you should be listening to it.  As I am, right now.