The Build Up just posted this mix from Gaz Clarke aka Local. Bass Music colleague Shaun and I DJed before him in Take 5 Cafe in Bristol recently and I really enjoyed his set, obviously the work of a man who’d carefully handpicked and well-mixed housey tracks with a clear theme: the influence of African music in some of its diverse varieties. It made for a great party selection, reaching a hands-in-the-air climax near the end in the form of Henrik Schwarz’s focused and positive banger.
This one’s on a different groove, though. Here’s what Gaz has to say:

‘I first heard traditional African music through my girlfriend’s parents,’ says Gaz, ‘and they called it “happy music”. It’s all really dance-y, with quite repetitive rhythms, and in the last couple of years I’ve been really enjoying music that fuses those African grooves with electronic beats.

This is more of a home listening-type mix, rather than something I’d play out in a club, and I’ve tried to make it a bit of a journey – different genres, different bpms, but all with an African tinge. There’s some hip-hop in there, some funk, some traditional Zimbabwean music using an mbira, and disco, and some stuff by Damon Albarn, who recorded an album in Mali with Actress. And there are also a couple of my favourite house tunes by artists like Floating Points.’

There’s a tune of his own too. Tracklisting is in here if you want to see it.