Took a stroll through the cold down to Catapult Reocrds today to pick up the new Organ Grinder release that’s just come out on the Cardiff based record shop’s own label.
Those of you familiar with The Organ Grinder’s sound will know what to expect by now – old school influenced, swung house music that doesn’t let itself become as pastiche as so many of the 90s house tribute acts that seem to be rife at the minute.

Of the two sides, ‘My Rendition’ (above) is my favourite, its been a staple of mine and Gwyn’s set for the best part of a year now and we featured it in a mix we recorded for Bristol festival Love Saves The Day during the summer. The formula behind the track is pretty simple – nice piano chords, a catchy vocal with OG’s nagging perscussion found throughout – it never really hits the crescendo you’re expecting when listening to it for the first time, which i think only adds to its charm, a perfect mid set roller by all accounts.


With his previous releases on Catapult still being championed by the likes of Move D and Steffi, this one is sure to fly out sooner rather than later, grab yourself a online at the Catapult website or if you’re in Cardiff make sure to visit the store and its friendly staff.…