In case you hadn’t noticed, Jim ‘Om Unit’ Coles has been blazing quite a trail lately. Never afraid to take it really slow, or really fast – ever since his unprecedented and ahead-of-its-time 2010 release on Plastician’s dubstep and grime label Terrorhythm – his productions seem to have a weird gravitational pull, dripping with bass weight and beautifully-wrought synths. Apparently defined by a love of sci fi atmospherics and stone cold grooves, and the guy has yet to produce a duff track, also embarking on collaborations with Baobinga (on the latter’s recent album), and explorations in the jungle/juke axis as Philip D Kick and Dream Continuum (with Machinedrum).¬†All this considered, its pretty amazing that Jim’s had time to inaugurate his own label, Cosmic Bridge Recordings, with a handful of high quality releases from Kromestar, himself, and now Moresounds.

This latest release goes off on another tangent, at times moving far away from the epic space-thug sounds of the previous few records. ‘Weeda’ is a stocky, spliffed out digital dancehall rub – no faux-dreadlocked cheese, but a seriously legit steppa. ‘Analog Steak’ gets gritty with some analog synths and stumbling, crunky hip hop drum patterns, almost everything soaked in angry distortion. Indeed, a few of the tracks on offer travel on a similar tangent to Rustie’s latest work, albeit with a more ‘head-down’ and unsociable mood; ‘Shtrakstep VIP’ even recalls Skream and Benga’s earliest efforts on Big Apple in its paranoid aggression. ‘No Coke’ reverts to the digi-dancehall template, but crosses it with Kromestar wobbles, making for an unhealthy concoction of raw, black hole funk. Release date is 21st of May, stream samples below:

Coinciding with this announcement Moresounds has recorded a new mix of “digi-dancehall junglist juke & dubbed bass beats”.