Such a nice mood to this track off the forthcoming album from Typesun. There’s something so nervy and tense and anticipatory in those bassy string hits and the long-held chords. As a backing track to the equally impressive vocals – sounding somewhere between Stevie Wonder and Joe Dukie of Fat Freddy’s Drop – this does a lot. Subtle, understated, and a perfect build-up single for the album, which I’ve heard, and is awesome. Lovely bit of soul music.

Our lads Behling & Simpson jump on the remix with a fine cut of sauntering, squelchy house, and some lovely touches of old skool hip hop and boogie influence to it:

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If you missed his first single, with a sparkling Peverelist remix, check out my gushing review of it for Little White Earbuds (featuring audio of the remix). Youtube audio of the original here.

Sorry about for the lack of posts recently (November 30th was the last one)! We’ve all been busy with various things, and there’s changes afoot here so expect to hear more about that in the near future; we’re certainly not going anywhere!

In a way it was quite nice to contrast the massive amount of internet music press traffic in December end of year lists, what was good, what’s going to be good etc, by simply not doing anything. You could call it that, anyway, or you could call us lazy.