So the Fabric Birthday weekend draws ever closer, and the amount of cool stuff hitting the net to hype the whole shebang gets ever larger.
London’s finest ‘named-after-a-cartoon-dog-with-a-wheezy-laugh’ dancehall DJ Mr Smutlee came through with a quality blend of funky and bashment for them, and while we could have just bunged it up a couple of days ago, we wanted to give you lovely, dedicated dance music fans a bit more depth for your blog perusal. Cos it’s not like you only want free stuff, no not even slightly…
So, here it is – BMB vs Smutlee.
BMB: Introduce yourself please!
Hello, Im DJ Smutlee AKA Lee. See what i did there?  Im a Club DJ, Mixtape maker, & Blend specialist, from London.BMB: How would you describe your sound?
Hip-Hop & Dancehall are the foundation of my sound, and i’ll use this to bring in other genres wether it be funky, dubstep, grime or whatever. Over the last year or so i’ve been pushing the Uk Funky/Bashment sound.BMB: What would you say your main Influences are?
As long as i’ve got good new music, im always inspired. I’d say my favourite producers right now are Steven ‘Di Genius’ (Dancehall), Sticky (House/Garage) and Swizz Beatz (Hip Hop). and how can i forget West ham – when they play well!!BMB: Any interesting plans coming up?
I really need to get into producing, its just finding time. Other than that, more djing.

BMB: We hear you’re a bit of a sneaker connoisseur… is that true?

Haha im no connosieur. i was brought up on Hi Tec squash cos my mum could get them cheap, I’m all about Air Max these days.
BMB: Oh ok. Tell us a joke then.
Heres a dodgy music related joke – dont judge me from this:

“I was in the pub yesterday when I suddenly realized I desperately needed to fart. The music was really, really loud, so I timed my farts with the beat. After a couple of songs, I started to feel better. I finished my pint and noticed that everybody was staring at me.Then I suddenly remembered that I was listening to my iPod.”

Booooooooo – get him off!!!!!

BMB: Damn straight. But if you want to hear more like that, Smutlee is also playing the next night in Bristol, with MJ Cole…

http://soundcloud.com/fabric/smutlee-fabriclive-10th-birthday-promo-mixSmutlee FABRICLIVE 10th Birthday Promo Mix
01: Geeneus Ft. Chino – Smutlee Special (Yellowtail VIP Riddim) (White)
02: Egypt Ft. Busy Signal & Mavado – Badman Place (In The Morning
Riddim) (Smutlee Blend) (White)
03: Illmana Ft. Stush – Ready Fi De War (White)
04: Marvin Brown – Jack It Up (White)
05: Sticky Ft. Ding Dong – Badman Forward – (Bad Gyal/Jumeirah Riddim) (Smutlee Blend) (White)
06: Suncycle Ft. Mavado – No More (Bless Beats Rmx) (Suncycle)
07: Major Lazer – Pon De Floor (Mad Decent)
08: Lil Silva Ft. Vybz Kartel – Pon De Floor (Different Riddim) (Smutlee Blend) (White)
09: BBK – Too Many Funky Tunes (Martelo Blend) (White)
10: Hardhouse Banton Ft. Vybz Kartel – Dump Truck (Sirens Riddim) (Smutlee Blend) (White)
11: Sticky Ft. Elephantman – Krazy Hype (Fugitive Riddim) (Smutlee Blend) (White)
12: Warrior One Ft. Lady Chann – King (White)
13: Maxwell D – Funky Baby (White)
14: Geeneus Ft. Ms Dynamite – Get Low (Crackish Riddim) (White)
15: El-B Ft. Mirikal – We Don’t Play (Ghost Recordings)
16: Dubchild – Show It Now (Ratio Mix) (DPR Recordings)
17: Emvee – Repeat Me (White)
18: Roska Ft. Jamie George – Wonderful Day (Smutlee Special) (Roska Kicks & Snares)
19: Danny Native Ft. Busy Signal – Da Style Deh (Rass Out Riddim) (Smutlee Blend) (White)
20: Maxwell D – Street Knowledge (Rass Out Riddim) (White)
21: Donae’o – Party Hard (Dev79 Rmx) (White)
22: Malanté & Dex Ft. New Kidz – Lions (Exploited Germany)
23: Erup – Click Mi Fingers (Grahmzilla Rmx) (White)
24: Lady Chann – Sticky Situation (Toddla T & Seiji Rmx) (White)
25: Mavado – So Special (Dj Yonny Rmx) (White)
26: Whitey Ft. Mr Vegas – Hot Wuk (Wrap It Up Riddim) (Smutlee Blend) (White)
27: Miike Snow Ft. New Kidz & South Rakkas – Get Mad (Animal Riddim) (Smutlee Blend) (White)