I’ve got a serious boner for this one, and not just because I’m warming up on the night. Mosca and Pangaea were present at an early Crazylegs lineup¬†when I’d just got involved with the night, and it’s nice bringing people back who’ve been consistently great even when the musical landscape has changed so much inbetweentimes. I’m sure you’re familiar with their stuff if you’re into good club music. Mosca’s lately been on a good tech house kind of vibe – sounds like an oxymoron to some I’m sure – but he’s got such a good ear for the potential in that kind of sound. And he mixes it with techno and garage amazingly, one of those brilliant DJs who carves out his own sound and style, against the odds.

Pangaea’s recent release, called Release, is one of the best EPs to emerge from last year in my opinion. Most of it is essentially classic-era sounding dubstep (though that word seems so uncool now that I’ve not really seen anyone mention that glaringly obvious fact). Some of it stands up to the early DMZ tracks, in terms of both style and quality, which rarely happens. This one sounds a bit like oldskool Headhunter. It doesn’t just ape good dubstep though, so many fresh ideas, and modern touches to it.

Logos has been doing his thing on the low for a few years, an amazingly sci-fi sounding take grime and dubstep, sparse and ominous tracks with similarities to Zomby, early Night Slugs/Jam City vibes, as well as nods to Wiley’s Devil mixes (get to know if you don’t). He’s finally got some stuff released now, on Dusk and Blackdown’s Keysound label.

Support comes from the Gage, me, and the Piff boys, a local crew of young promoters, DJs and producers. One of them, Facta, recently put up this mix of mainly his material, on a dark and flexible broken beat/dubstep/funky tip – nice tracks indeed.

Come down if you’re in the area, it will be mad good I reckon. For ticket details follow the links.

RA link

Facebook event page link

Oh yeah – there is a competition too by the guys at a good new music blog called Deep Rooted Bristol, for those of you on Facebook (also a cool website – check it out if you don’t know it). It’s one of those ‘help us with promo and we might give you things’ things, you probably know the drill; you’ve got to ‘like’ this image (and the blog’s facebook page), and share it on your profile.